The DAWBA questionnaire for teachers of 2-17 year olds

This page provides an overview of the DAWBA teacher questionnaire. If you want to see or download the interview in English or translation, click here.

The teacher questionnaire has three main sections, each taking up one page:

When teachers do report definite symptoms in any of these three areas, they are asked to reply to supplementary questions on the impact of these problems on the child's life. These domain-specific impact questions cover resultant distress and interference with learning and peer relationships.

The final page of the questionnaire has a few additional questions covering excessive dieting or slimming, tics, and any other concerns.

For studies that do not have any other measures of generalised and specific learning difficulties, it can be helpful to ask teachers about the child's mental age and any marked problems in specific curriculum areas. The clinical raters can use this information when judging, for example, whether or not the reported attention span is in line with the child's chronological and mental age.

Last modified : 05/09/09