Interviewers' instructions

The DAWBA is designed so that it doesn't need to be administered by clinical child psychologists or psychiatrists. Researchers or survey interviewers who don't have much (or any) prior experience of child mental health interviews can rapidly master the interviews. Experienced interviewers generally require around a day's additional training before first administering the DAWBA, initially under close supervision. The interviewers' instructions were written to help familiarise interviewers with the DAWBA and to answer commonly asked questions.

Click here to view and download a complete set of interviewers' instructions in English and various translations

Alternatively, you can look at the instructions section by section in English:

The basic structure of each section
Why do we always want to know about impact as well as about symptoms?
Interviewing young people
Section A: Separation anxiety
Section B: Specific phobias
Section C: Social phobia
Section D: Panic attacks and Agoraphobia
Section E: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Section F: Compulsions and obsessions
Section G: Generalised anxiety
Section H: Depression
Deliberate self-harm (questions H22-H24)
Section J: Attention and activity
Section K: Awkward and troublesome behaviour
Section L: Less common disorders
Section M: Significant problems section
Interviewers' observations

Last modified : 05/09/09